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Lime Sulphur Fungicide Insecticide

Lime Sulphur 20L

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Lime Sulphur Fungicide Insecticide 20 Litre

Lime Sulphur is for the control of certain diseases, insects and mites on citrus, grapevines, ornamentals, pome, stone fruits and vegetables. Applied in dormancy, 10ml per litre of water during summer and 20ml per litre of water during winter. Winter is a great time to spray while there is no foliage. Spray stems, the ground surrounding the plant and especially the bark for best results.

ANALYSIS % w/v: S 200g/L, Ca 6

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Lime Sulphur as an insecticide absorbs oxygen which is asphyxiating to pests, it softens newly secreted wax which imprisons pests and liberates free fine sulphur which is toxic to them. It is effective against leaf curl, shot hole, brown rot, scale, powdery mildew, mouri mite, bud mite, erinose mite, vine bunch mite, byrobia mite, pear leaf blister mite and plenty more and is not temperature reliant or does not require oxidization.

it is readily miscible in water and should be used on the same day as it is mixed. Do not apply during growing period of apricots, raspberries, cucurbits, peaches or other sulphur sensitive plants and do not mix with water of pH below 4. Best used on roses after a winter prune to kill all fungal spores giving them a fresh start for the following growing season.

Rates may vary depending on crop and state registration but usual applications for citrus is 10L/100L and pome fruit is 5L/100L.