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Snail & Slug Plastic Pit Traps


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3 x Snail and Slug Plastic Pit Traps - Attract, trap and finish

Snails and slugs can be a real headache. These small, slimy creatures reproduce quickly and love to feed on the leaves and roots of your plants. Every year they attack our crops and cause carnage on yields, plant health and create a mess. Fortunately, getting rid of these pests is quick and easy.

This trap works all day, every day. It is deep enough to allow slugs and snails to fall in without being able to crawl out again, it is easy to use, non-toxic, no chemicals, sprays, pellets and child and wildlife safe. Supplied in a 3 pack for effective pest control.



Like a pub it needs to have easy entry, a roof over their head, protect them from the elements and then a nice drop of beer or fermented sugar. They will settle in, sip and then drown. There’s no need to empty traps filled with dead snails. Other snails will be attracted to their friends’ decomposing bodies.

So how does it work?

  • Place the trap or traps about 3 metres apart and at ground level. If you have a garden with perimeters of 3 metres by 3 metres, you’ll need nine beer traps to get rid of the problem.
  • Fill your trap halfway with beer, the more yeast in the beer the better. The lid provides a great shelter so rain doesn’t dilute the liquid.
  • If you have an infestation of snail and slugs, empty the traps every two or three days, clean and reset for best results.
  • These slug and snail traps are well made and easy to set up. The expired beer and deceased friends can be poured into your compost pile. As for barriers are best used around raised garden beds, individual plants, containers or rows of juicy seedlings.

If you don’t have beer, make a mixture of fermented sugar add one or two tablespoons of sugar and one teaspoon of dried yeast to about 300 ml of water. Stir the mixture and poor into a bowl.

Iron based snail and slug pellets are an alternative to killing snails and slugs than the traditional methods as it interferes with their calcium metabolism in the gut, causing them to stop eating and to eventually die within three to six days. The main drawback with iron based pellets is that they are more expensive than placing a few traps.