Ready to Use Pest Gun White Oil

Pest Insecticide RTU 2L

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Quick Overview

Ready to Use Pest Gun White Oil 2 x 1 Litres (2 Litres)

Pest Gun RTU is a great spray for use both in both indoor and outdoor situations. This product is greatly used for citrus, grapes, roses, stone fruit, pome fruit, indoor and outdoor ornamentals. It is a fast and effective control of a broad range of target insects.



This product is highly suitable for organic growing and is very popular for use in home gardens.

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Convenient RTU (Ready to use) spray bottle. No mixing required.
  • Fast and effective insect control on a number of crop types
  • Citrus - citrus leaf miner, red scale, white scale, pink scale, black scale, soft brown scale
  • Ornamentals & Roses - Aphids, Mealy Bugs, Scale, White Fly
  • Pome & Stone Fruit - Oyster Shell Scale, San Jose Scale, Spider Mites
  • Vines (Grape) - Grapevine Scale

Due to the nature of the ingredients in Pest Gun, this product is classified as non-hazardous (according to the criteria of NOHSC) and is not a scheduled poison. When using Pest Gun shake well before using. Do not apply when shade temperatures exceed 32°C (35°C for citrus). Do not apply for at least one month after applying a sulphur or lime sulphur spray. It is important to apply as per directions for effective control.

Active Constituent: 20g/Lt Petroleum Oil