Insect and Scale Spray

Insect & Scale Spray 1L

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Organic Insect and Scale Spray Concentrate 1 Litre

This oil based spray controls aphids, spider mites, white fly, thrips, leaf hopper, mealy bugs and citrus leaf miner. This natural concentrate is designed to organically defend against pests, scale on fruit trees, ornamentals and flowers.



Supplied in a convenient 1 litre bottle, if stored in the original container in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight it will last years and years after the date of manufacture. Made from Paraffinic Oil, this natural solution in a must have for most growers.

Aphids and other pests commonly appear on flushes of new growth and quite often they will only remain on the plant for a short period of time. Generally, if there are predatory insects in the area such as ladybird larvae, the aphids will be kept under control but in most instances an organic spray concentrate like ecofend is required to assist the goods bugs.

Through its extensive research and development program this leading market innovator has manufactured an exceptionally high quality product that economically defends organically. Simple to mix, peel label and use as directed for best results.