Insect Trap for Citrus Gall Wasp and Fruit Fly

Fruit Tree Insect Trap (2pk)


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2 x Fruit Tree Insect Cylindrical Traps

The fruit tree insect trap is a natural, yellow, cylindrical trap which uses a food-grade feeding attractant to protect fruit and trees from damage caused by the citrus gall wasp and fruit fly (including the Mediterranean fruit fly). The super-strong non-drying glue will also trap white flies, aphids and thrips which are attracted to the bright yellow sticky trap.



The citrus gall wasp and fruit fly are two crop destroying pests but whiteflies, aphids and thrips are also a problem when it comes to yield and production. The natural and non-toxic attractant lasts for 3-4 months from date of exposing the holes at the top. No pesticides or harmful chemicals are required to control and reduce the pest population.

Citrus trees are prone to attack from citrus gall wasps and the larvae form a gall or bump on the limbs of trees which causes branch dieback, reduction in crop yield, weakens the tree, reduces fruit size and tree vigour. Fruit Flies attack the fruit on many varieties of fruit trees, damaging the fruit so it’s unsuitable for consumption so it is important to address and arrest this issue.

Hang the insect trap between August to February and hang two units for trees up to 2 metres in height and four units for trees above 2 metres in height. Place on outer limbs by its hook and discard the entire unit when it’s full and replace with a new one.

The insect trap interrupts the insects life cycle and helps to reduce their population in August to February. The affected areas are Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. The Mediterranean Fruit Fly is active in Spring through to Autumn and it control these damaging pests ast they are unable to lay eggs that become larvae.

NOTE:Birds and other wildlife may be attracted to trapped insects and become stuck on contact. We strongly recommend placing a barrier or mesh around the product to prevent untargeted species from being harmed. To remove the sticky formula from hands use eucalyptus oil, vegetable oil and/or mineral spirits.