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  • Fly Traps
  • Common House Fly
  • Blow Fly
  • Female Queensland Fruit Fly
  • 150ml Eco Naturalure
  • 1 Litre Eco Naturalure
  • Male Queensland Fruit Fly
  • 1 Litre Wild May Attractant
  • 5 Litre Wild May Attractant

Fly Traps (2pk)


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Fruit Fly, Blow Fly and House Fly Traps - 2 Pack

These hanging bottle fly traps are designed for a wide range of fly species including house flies, blowflies and fruit flies including the destructive Queensland Fruit Fly. Supplied in a 2 pack to increase coverage and improve effectiveness, each trap contains one satchel of fly attractant.

These traps are reusable and the contents of the trap can be buried in the garden for easy disposal. Wash hands and container thoroughly after handling trap. Unlike other traps, this universal trap attracts the pests away from the house and to the trap location.

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Using your mouse and the CTRL key, select the items above you require by clicking on them.

If you are wanting to target specific species you can adjust the traps accordingly but selecting the items best suited.

Fill the trap with water and add wild may fly attractant to lure and trap the Male Queensland fruit fly that are attracted inside by the scent of the lure. They will not be able to escape once inside and will drown in the liquid.

The secret behind a successful fruit fly trap program that can dramatically reduce Queensland fruit fly numbers is to use a lure that attracts the females to the trap. Females are attracted to the food but the males are attracted to the sex. Use a product like eco-naturalure to attract Male and Female Queensland fruit flies. The female lays the eggs in the fruit and then the maggots develop, so we need to catch the female fruit fly!

Growers need to be setting up monitoring traps and baiting for fruit flies as soon as they are detected. Both the male and female require a protein feed once they emerge from the pupae stage but the male will happily go away and live on sugar and water. You can reduce financial deficits from losing rotten crops, losing export markets and cover spraying with hundreds and thousands of litres of expensive insecticides if applied correctly.

Flies love the smell of herring, so simply add the attractant to the trap, stir in two cups of cold water and place in direct sunlight. The trap should be placed away from the house, in the outdoors only and should be kept out of reach of children. The attractant takes 24-48 hours to activate but will last 6 weeks if water is added regularly and the water level is above trapped flies.