T8 LED Glass Tube Lights

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T8 LED Glass Tube Lights (20pk)

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Quick Overview

LED T8 Glass Tube Lighting (1 Carton - 20 Tube Lights)

The Lucisco LED Glass Tube range offers low running temperature for safety and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours which equates to low maintenance and replacement costs. Each tube has its own built-in driver eliminating the need for additional starter units. These high quality, energy efficient LED light tubes offer superior brightness and colour and use half the energy consumption of traditional fluorescent tubes.

Widely used in offices, hotels, supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitals, factories, schools, gymnasiums and indoor sports arenas, the LED T8 tube lighting has 110 Lumen per watt, 6000k colour temperature and glass optical diffuser that diffuses and scatters light to transmit a softer light.

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The LED T8 Glass Tube Lighting is an economical replacement for any fluorescent tube. It provides a high quality and efficient light source with superior brightness and colour at half the energy consumption of a traditional fluorescent tube. It has a quick start response time (no flicker or buzzing) and no separate starter is required.

Key Features

  • Made to order - 4 to 6 weeks
  • Colour range available 3,000-6,500K
  • Wide light beam angle of over 330 degrees
  • Low running temperature and 30% more efficient
  • Glass material offers good insulation and better safety
  • Special optical processing produces soft and comfortable light
  • Reduce electricity costs by up to 70% and get a financial payback within years
  • Water and dust resistant to IP Rating IP65 to handle the Australian conditions


  • Easy to install
  • Simply take out the existing fluorescent tube and replace it with a highly efficient LED T8 tube light
  • No starter units required. These are removed when T8 tubes replace existing outdated fluorescent tubes

Options Available:

Model: LPBQ0609T8G LPBQ0914T8G LPBQ1218T8G LPBQ1522T8G
Size: 600mm 900mm 1200mm 1500mm
Watts: 9 14 18 22
Lumen: 900 1400 1800 2200
Product weight: 115gm 175gm 220gm 275gm
Dimensions: 26 x 588mm 26 x 898mm 26 x 1198mm 26 x 1498mm
Warranty: 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Colour Temperature:

Which is better, 4000K or 6500K is common question used asked. One colour is not really "better" than the other. Generally 6500K is a "whiter" light and is perceived to be slightly brighter. If you want these LED tubes to look the same as the fluorescent tubes you are replacing, look for '840' or '865' on your existing tubes. '840' is 4000K and '865' is 6500K.

Note: Lumen output based on standard 4,000K colour. Minimum order quantity of 40 lights for custom colour temperatures.

Our commercial grade products with ongoing product R&D produce our quality LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and deliver superior lighting solutions for you for a fraction of the cost. The LED glass tube range is a great way to upgrade a space to save on rising electricity costs whilst providing superior brightness and colour to outdated fluorescent alternatives.