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Liquid Tomato Fertilizer

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  • Liquid Tomato Fertilizer
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Tomato Fertilizer

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Quick Overview

Organic Terrific Tomato Liquid Fertilizer

Terrific tomato liquid fertilizer has been specifically formulated with a high level of potassium to enhance fruit set and development and gives balanced nutrition for tomato plants. Unlike traditional tomato fertilizers, terrific tomato fertilizer will give better availability of both macro and micro nutrients and less build up of salts in the growing medium.

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It also contains a seaweed extract known to deliver stronger plants to resist pest, frost and disease. The seaweed extract is derived from fresh bull kelp (durvillaea potatorum) which is processed through a warm hydrolysis process which maximizes the extraction of plant growth regulators.

The extract has been extensively tested in both laboratory and in the field and contains a number of plant growth regulators (or hormones) including auxins, cytokinins and betaines. It also contains a number of sugars and phenolics which can all help with chlorophyll production and increased root development.

Whilst primarily formulated for tomatoes, terrific tomato solution can be used on most flowering crops with similar needs to tomato plants. The trace elements are in a form that are available to plants and do not get locked up in the soil.

Terrific tomato solution is a blend of organic liquid seaweed with added macro and micro nutrients that makes it a complete fertilizer. If grown in a reasonably fertile soil no other fertilizer treatment will be needed but if grown in a low nutrient potting mix it is suggested that a small amount of lime may be beneficial to enhance skin texture.

The product is suitable for both plants in pots or in the soil but should not be used for two weeks after planting out until seedlings are established. For superior results, we recommend the following:

  • The more sun and light equals more fruit
  • Plant deeply in soil enriched with manures, compost, blood and bone
  • Develop strong stems and stake plants
  • Use black plastic to heat soil in cooler climates, when air temperatures remain warm the plants will produce
  • Water long, slow and deep once a week and mulch, mulch, mulch
  • Remove leaves that are in contact with the ground to reduce pest and disease damage
  • Pinch and remove suckers that develop in the crotch joint of two branches
  • Use terrific tomato solution at planting, when first fruit arrives and when plant is tall and laden with fruit!

Application rate – On established seedlings add 20 ml of product to 9 litres of water and apply every 7-10 days. On established plants add 30 ml of product to 9 litres of water and apply every 10-14 days as a soil drench. It can be applied as a foliar feed but ensure the weather is not too hot or cold and tomato leaves do not remain damp.

Typical Analysis - NPK-4-1.5-7.1+TE-MG-MN-ZN-CU-FE-BO. Nitrogen 4.0%, Phosphorous 1.5%, Potassium 7.1%, Copper 180 ppm, Zinc 60 ppm, Manganese 155 ppm, Boron 90 ppm, Iron 420 ppm, Magnesium 1100 ppm - for all round plant prosperity - Filtration 100 micron.