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Organic Radiant Rose Liquid Fertilizer

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  • Organic Radiant Rose Liquid Fertilizer
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Rose Fertilizer

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Organic Radiant Rose Liquid Fertilizer

Radiant rose solution has been specially formulated to give balanced nutrition for roses with the added benefit of making them robust as it contains a seaweed extract known to deliver stronger plants to resist pest, frost and disease. The seaweed extract is derived from fresh bull kelp (durvillaea potatorum) which is processed through a warm hydrolysis process which maximizes the extraction of plant growth regulators.

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The extract has been extensively tested in both laboratory and in the field and contains a number of plant growth regulators (or hormones) including auxins, cytokinins and betaines. It also contains a number of sugars and phenolics which can all help with chlorophyll production and increased root development.

This blend also has added macronutrients (NPK), potassium humate and a range of micronutrients (trace elements) for all round plant health. Whilst primarily formulated for roses, radiant roses can be used on most flowering plants but is not recommended for natives. The trace elements are in a form that are available to plants and do not get locked up in the soil.

This product is low in phosphate but high in potassium with enough nitrogen to promote moderate but healthy growth. The high level of potassium and trace elements ensure good flowering and the seaweed component enhances the longevity of the flowers, including after being cut.

Whilst radiant rose solution is a complete fertilizer it can be supplemented in late winter or early spring by one or two treatments with fish emulsion or an animal manure. For superior results, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure 4-6 hours of sun per day
  • Roses love a 5-7 cm layer of mulch
  • Keep pests to a minimum and area weed free
  • Prune back established roses once a year
  • Superior durability, water proof and easy to clean
  • Roses are heavy feeders, feed generously and frequently
  • Keep the plants moist at all times but never allow the roots to sit in water
  • Use All Purpose Seaweed Gold when planting in freshly planted roses

Application rate - On established roses add 40 ml of product to 9 litres of water. Apply radiant roses as a soil treatment but it can be applied to foliage but may stain light coloured blooms. Apply throughout the growing season every two weeks but allow roses to become established before treating with radiant rose solution.

Apply the first in spring before the leaves are fully open and then again in December and January following the packet's dose recommendation. Do not feed in March because the plants should be hardening off for winter at that time rather than producing soft new growth which is cold sensitive.

Typical Analysis - NPK-3.2-1.8-6.6+TE-MG-MN-ZN-CU-FE-BO. Nitrogen 3.2%, Phosphorous 1.8%, Potassium 6.6%, Boron 60 ppm, Copper 150 ppm, Iron 205 ppm, Magnesium 580 ppm, Manganese 105 ppm, Zinc 45 ppm for all round plant prosperity - Filtration 100 micron.