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High K Concentrated Foliar Fertilizer

High K Foliar Fertilizer

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High K Concentrated Foliar Fertilizer

High K is a complete concentrated liquid fertilizer with high potassium ratio and is specifically balanced to deliver stronger plants to resist disease and improve crop safety is ensured by investing greater strength to the plant. This high potash liquid foliar formula fertilizer with added chelated trace elements is a formulation featuring a high concentration of Potassium 'K' to be used on crops generally in the latter half of their development.

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Potassium is involved in many biochemical and physiological processes vital to plant growth, yield, quality and stress. Potassium is essential for translocation of sugars and starch formation, it is also required for leaf stomata opening/closing, strengthens plants and improves plant resistance to drought and disease plus many other beneficial factors.

  • Facilitates energy transfer
  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Better colour, quality and yield
  • For nut, vines and broad acre crops
  • Suitable as foliar spray or via irrigation
  • Ideal for fruit trees and root crops that have a high potassium requirement

Using High K shows an increased yield as demonstrated by trials and grower experiences and will show a boost in fruit and flowering and a better performance of fruit and vegetables, ornamentals, fodder crops including lawn and turf.

High K is best used in situations where a supplementary boost of nutrients is needed. Apply as a diluted product and immediately after mixing and apply as per label for each crop. Being a foliar fertilizer and applied later in season it is highly recommended to avoid application during the hottest time of day or in hot sunshine. Do not add magnesium sulphate to the mix or precipitation will result.

This complete liquid foliar fertilizer is high in available potassium is best used in specific crops as a supplementary nutrient at times when rapid growth, flowering, fruit setting, or unfavourable weather increase the need for readily available plant food.

Note: May be mixed with most insecticides and fungicides except alkaline materials such as bordeaux, white oil or lime sulphur. Basic usage 6-10 Litres in 200 litres of water.

Analysis: NPK-10-8-20+TE-MG-CU-ZN-FE-BO-MO. 10.0% Nitrogen, 8.0% Phosphorus, 20.0% Potassium and trace elements Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Boron and Molybdenum for all round plant prosperity.