Large High Dome Propagator Lid and Base with Tray

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  • Large High Dome Propagator Lid and Base with Tray
  • 72 cell thermo moulded tray
  • Heat Mat
  • Heating Mat Thermostat
  • Grow better seeds, seedlings and cuttings

Heated Propagation Kit

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Quick Overview

Heated Propagation Kit

Our heated propagation kit comes with everything you need to get started for seed germination, seedling raising and naturing cuttings for successful plantings. It comes with a:

  • Large clear high dome propagator with ventilation and sturdy base

  • 72 cell thermo moulded tray

  • A heat mat

  • A heat matting thermostat to provide concise temperature control

  • Supplied in its own packaging for easy transportation



Large clear high dome propagator with ventilation - Made from durable, reusable clear plastic shell, our high dome propagator is perfect for growing seeds, seedlings, cuttings and young plant with its extra height. Our high dome propagator has adjustable butterfly vents to control humidity, a bottom tray to catch water and a giant 72-cell seedling tray to maximize growth potential.

72 cell thermo moulded tray - Our seed starting trays are a thermo-moulded flexible 72 cell tray with individual cells 35x35, 6 rows by 12 column design. These trays are fantastic for seed starting, seedling propagation and nurturing young cuttings. They are well designed with grooves in each cell to minimal root spiralling, good aerial pruning and has ample drainage.

Each 72 cell propagation tray is 540mm long x 280mm wide x 45mm deep and is built to suit the high dome propagator. These are different to the reusable injection die moulded hard plastic seedling trays used in the horticultural industry which are used in nursery production.

Seed Starter Heat Mat - Using a quality heating mat at the bottom of the propagation medium vastly improves the rate of germination and success of cuttings. This heat mat warms the root area by 10-20 degrees above room temperatures, simply by placing your heat mat on a flat, dry surface underneath your seeds and/or seedlings.

The increase in temperature helps the seeds to germinate fully and for young plants to develop new roots and new leaves faster so that your success rate increases dramatically.

Heating Mat Thermostat - This electronic temperature controller is compatible with all heat mats. The digital thermostat controls the temperature of heat mats evenly and provides constant optimum temperatures for specific plants. It delivers a precise and consistent soil temperature control up to 42°C (68-108°F/20-42°C).

Even for a complete novice, our digital temperature controller is easy to use, comes with 6 ft power cord so simply plug the thermostat into our heating mat and insert the probe into the soil and set the desired maximum temperature.

Highly recommended for those doing seed raising, growing seedlings and raising young plants, this precise temperature controller provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops and controls temperature in colder or warmer environments.