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Slug and Snail Control

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Escar Go Ready to Use Snail and Slug Control

There is no doubt that slugs and snails are the gardener’s worst enemy in many parts of the world. These slimy creatures are able to devour several times their own body weight of your favourite plants in just one meal. They seem to appear from nowhere when the weather is mild and damp. Snails need dark, cool, moist areas to thrive and are most active during the wettest months of the year.

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Escar-Go creates a barrier when applied around plants, on tree trunks, paths, around pots and/or letter boxes that lasts for months, doesn't wash off and is completely safe around kids, pets, ants, bees, birds and wildlife. Unlike other methods employed, this formula has worldwide research that shows that its active ingredient is an excellent barrier repellent for slugs and snails and will kill them when sprayed directly on them.

1 litre treats about 10m2, so even if they appear overnight from neighbouring vegetation, under stones, under the rims of plant pots and a thousand other hiding places the treated area will not be affected. We recommend not spraying foliage and also be mindful that copper can build up to toxic levels in the soil so its use should be limited and targeted.

Snails and slugs are common pests which every gardener battles against at some stage. Unfortunately these guys aren’t fussy and will chew their way through leaves, soft stems, flowers and ripe fruit. Both leave distinctive silvery slime trails as they move over plants and hard surfaces.

Snails and slugs attack a huge range of plants but most susceptible are seedlings which can be completely demolished overnight. Seedlings are most at risk when first planted out and suffering transplant shock. Escar-Go is a ready to use surface barrier snail and slug repellent that provides excellent results in protecting young seedlings by spraying dry soil and allowing a film to develop over a few hours.

Escargo RTU is one of the rare few of copper based products registered to control/repel snails and slugs. It is rain fast, non toxic, long term buffered copper complex based barrier and is allowed in organic gardening.

Active Constituent: 2.8g/l Copper as a Buffered Copper Complex, 2.8 grams per litre.