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Dried granulated kelp 25kg

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  • Dried granulated kelp 25kg
  • Fresh Australian Bull Kelp
  • Pure Seaweed, Responsibly Sourced
  • Naturally dried before processing

Dried granulated kelp 25kg

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Quick Overview

Dried granulated kelp 25 Kilo bulk bag

Unlike popular seaweed solutions, this is not a blend. Our dried granulated kelp is a pure, dried, washed and milled 100% Australian bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) and is a must have for any crop, garden, plant and/or trees wanting superior grow results. It contains no further processing and/or additives like other seaweed based products. Supplied in a granular but also available in meal on request.



Harvested direct from the clean, green oceans of southern Australia, our 100% Australian bull kelp is collected from a specific region on the coast of Tasmania. The kelp grows in some of the cleanest seawater in the world and is naturally low in heavy metals. Another benefit is that it it is from a sustainable and reliable source, harvested under license from the beach where it is naturally washed up following storms and other weather events.

This product can be used as a natural slow release fertilizer for use in soils, compost, restoration and revegetation of mineral deficient land. It can also be used to help restore soils, be added to plants and crops during stress periods like extreme cold or heat and in organic and other growing practices. The Australian bull kelp contains a range of plant growth regulators including auxins, betaines, cytokinins, sterols and polyphenols.

When applied to the soil, the kelp rehydrates, swelling significantly to typically five times its size. Wet kelp will start to decompose through microbial action, releasing nutrients and plant growth regulators. The mineral elements provide a direct fertilizer benefit to the plant. The protein and carbohydrates are important bio-stimulants for the soil microbes as well as providing indirect nutritional value to the plants. The plant growth regulators inducer root growth, cell division and chlorophyll production.

This versatile product can be used on new or established garden beds, top dressing for crops and to provide valuable nutrients in depleted soils or boost plant immunity. For established garden beds, broadcast 250 grams across 5m2 as a top dressing and for new beds broadcast 250 grams per 2m2 and fork through the top 20cm.

Smaller 1 kilo boxes are available. Use as per box or bag instructions for best results.