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Zeolite 1 tonne

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Our Zeolite is a porous organic natural mineral that contains tabular clinoptilolite (zeolite) crystals as the main crystalline content. Minor components are quartz, mordenite (zeolite) clay (smectite) and mica.


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Zeolite is hydrophilic and a naturally occurring mineral rock formed after volcanic ash fell into brackish water basins. Over millions of years it became compressed into hard rock made up of tiny molecules, forming a very porous honeycomb type structure with a huge surface area to volume ratio.

So why would you and where can you use Zeolite?

In agriculture and horticulture, it can be used as:

  • Buffer excess sodium and soil acidity
  • Absorb problem liquids and odour in stockyards
  • Used in animal health for improving rumen microbial activity, reduces acidosis and urea toxicity
  • Assist plant growth, help water retention, reduce loss of nutrients and ongoing usage will improve the long term soil quality
  • Acts like a super-sponge for long term water and nutrient retention for ammonium, nitrogen and potassium

For the home gardener and landscaper it can be used:

  • As a soil additive, zeolite is an organic mineral additive that attracts and retains fertilizers and releases them when the plant needs it
  • In a potting mix, 1 kilo of zeolite mixed in with every 25 litre bag of garden soil for a general application for most plants
  • Prevent nutrient leaching and we recommend using 0.7 to 2 mm and larger for bonsai, roses and large plants
  • In combination with mulch and water crystals, zeolite will reduce ongoing maintenance and costs on fertilizers
  • Zeolite entraps air which is necessary for healthy active root growth and beneficial organisms