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Stoller Root Feed Root Booster

Root Feed Fertilizer 20L

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Root Feed Root Booster Fertilizer 20 Litre

Root Feed enhances and maintains strong, healthy root growth in tropical trees, annual crops, deciduous trees and vines in all conditions. The rapid intake of calcium with amine N also improves balanced growth. It promotes the growth of healthier plants to lessen the impact of stress.

ANALYSIS % w/v: N 12, Ca 8.5, Mg 2, Co-factors

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Plant productivity and production is compromised by stress, usually from unfavourable weather conditions, pests, diseases and poor nutrition. Stress results in an accumulation of the stress related hormones ethylene and abscisic acid. Roots control both the nutrient uptake and the hormonal balance for the whole plant and consequently its ability to withstand stress and achieve higher yields.

Every 7 to14 days the root cap cells die, are sloughed off, and must be replaced by new cells. Without this replacement process, there will be fewer roots and root tips with the capacity to synthesize plant hormones and control plant growth. For this reason, an optimal Root Feed program is based on continuing treatment every 7 to 14 days through to harvest.

Feeding the brains of the plan, Root Feed is a soil based treatment that can be applied through any conventional fertigation system, hydroponics or even micro dosage systems.