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Stoller Aqua-Cal Fertilizer 20L

Aqua-Cal Fertilizer 20L

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Aqua-Cal Irrigation Fertilizer 20 Litre

Aqua-Cal is designed to assist with salt displacement and calcium enhancement when added to the irrigation water. It can improve water penetration into the soil as well as increase seedling emergence in salty soils, where excessive sodium is restricting growth and damaging plants.

Aqua-Cal helps to develop stronger plant cell structure and optimises root growth, for greater disease resistance. It also improves the plants resistance to physiological problems caused by high sodium levels.

ANALYSIS % w/v: N 6, Ca 12

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It can be used for permanent plantings such as trees and vines as well as transplants such as vegetable crops. It can be banded in the weedicide strip and watered in. It can also be banded into the soil prior to planting. Always use Aqua-Cal where there is adequate drainage as per label so that salt can be leached away from the root zone.

Derived from amine nitrogen and calcium mono-carbamide mono-hydrogen chloride, please use Aqua-Cal through irrigation equipment and use it in the following applications:

  • Apply Aqua-Cal at 50-70 litres per hectare to displace salt
  • In new plantings, put 1 litre per 4000 litres of water in the first watering after planting
  • For calcium nutrition direct 10-50 litres per hectare to the soil to enhance calcium levels and root health.
  • Use 15-20 litres per hectare in frequent applications (every 7-14 days) to maintain soil-water calcium levels
  • On permanent plantings, employ a litre of Aqua-Cal per 4000 litres of irrigation water at the pre-bloom stage
  • If salt problems persist after the initial application, repeat in alternate watering to flush the soil until soil improves

Backed by years of research and field testing, Aqua-Cal is the go to product for the experts to treat salinity. MSDS available on request.