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Organic Superfine Fertilizer 20L

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  • Organic Superfine Fertilizer 20L
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  • NASAA LIC. NO 3612M

Superfine Organic Fertilizer 20L


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Quick Overview

Organic Superfine Premium Seaweed Fertilizer 20 Litre

Super fine Premium is specifically formulated fertilizer for the use in production of crops where application is by fine boom spray, sprayers, and aerial spray or dripper systems. This product has been specifically designed for foliar application and has been filtered to 100 micron to avoid blockage of spray nozzles.

This is a fast acting fertilizer that can be widely used for cropping, pasture and vegetable production. Premium contains macro nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are soluble and can be absorbed through the leaves of the plant.

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It also contains a range of trace elements including copper and zinc, which are commonly deficient in Australian soils. These trace elements are in a chelated form and can be absorbed either through the leaves or from the soil. Nitrogen 5.7%, Phosphorus 1.0% Potassium 5.6% Boron 60ppm, Molybdenum 10ppm, Manganese 100ppm, Copper 550ppm, Zinc 550ppm and Sulfur 6000ppm.

Application Rates

Spray in early morning or late afternoon. Do not apply in full sun. Dilute 1 part product to at least 50 parts water.


Apply 10-15 L/ha at four leaf stage or soon after, or two applications of 5-7 L/ha, the first at four leaf stage and the second 2-3 weeks later.


Apply 5-7 L/ha late Autumn, early Spring and late Spring.


Apply 5-7 L/ha when tops are 5-8cm high and repeat two or three more times at 2-3 week intervals.

Spraying equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after use to avoid product crystallizing in the spray system. Some components may crystallise out in cold conditions and it is prudent to use spray filters.