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Rootex Root Hormone Plant Gel

Root Hormone Gel 500ml

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Quick Overview

Rootex Root Hormone Gel 500ml

Our rooting hormone is what the professional choose when propagating their plants and in the gel form is the expert’s choice. Gel forms of rooting hormones, whether they are synthetic or naturally sourced remain the most commonly used forms for professional growers.

This gel hormone promotes root growth in softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings for propagation. It contains a unique blend of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and hormones to promote root development with superior results for most cuttings.



This product is recommended by the experts, if you wish to achieve the following:

  • Easy to use gel with no mixing required and no mess, ready to use
  • This product allows the average home gardener to achieve professional propagation results
  • It seals quickly and protects the cutting while enhancing the root development
  • With this product you will achieve a very high strike rate unlike powders
  • Achieve professional results from most cuttings that burst into growth and vigor
  • This formula prevents disease in new growth
  • Using powders can be inaccurate, can blow away in windy conditions
  • Gel rooting hormones are also less likely to wash or rub off

Using powders can be tricky and results can vary on application. So the professionals use a commercial grade product like this which is 4000 ppm IBA, perfect for stimulating root initiation in root cuttings and can be applied directly which gives a more rounded, positive response.

Still not convinced ... To get the best results we suggest:

  • Insert the cutting stem in about an inch into the root-stimulating hormone until they are sealed and stimulated to create roots
  • Prepare a pot with moist planting medium as the new roots will form from this area
  • Plant the dipped stem cutting into the pot and Cover the pot with a clear plastic bag to reduce any run off
  • Hormone treatments treated in this manner will increase rooting rates

Gel rooting hormones are considered ready-to-go out of the package; they don't require mixing with water first and are specially formulated to be effective on a wide range of plants. While convenient, this means that when using gel-based rooting hormones, you won't be able to alter their concentration levels. Gel-based rooting hormones mainly contain a synthetic form of auxins, specifically active indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), to initiate adventitious root production. Auxins are often applied as powders but gels are also available that have other substances such as vitamins added that are known to further stimulate the rooting process.